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Chris Colfer on The Talk 2014

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FIC: Hands All Over (Kurt/Blaine); NC-17


Kurt/Blaine, NC-17 (2,110 words)

Summary: Blaine is devastated over news of Adam Levine’s marriage. Kurt is quick to remind him he has a tattooed fiancé of his own. Featuring fingering and anal. 

Kurt steps out of the bathroom, towel wrapped around his neck and his silk bathrobe caressing his shower-damp, perfumed skin. He finds Blaine splayed out across their shared mattress, naked but for a pair of tight green briefs, balancing his laptop on his belly. Kurt smiles, warmth rising in his chest, and wonders if this is a sight that will ever stop feeling new, novel, impossible: he has a fiancé he can shamelessly ogle whenever he wants without fear or the quiet agony of anticipated rejection. Just a couple of years out of high school and all this, Blaine’s biceps, his chest, ass, cock, and loving smiles are his. Kurt’s eyes scan his fleshy, tawny form appreciatively before he fixates on the crinkle of his brow and feels his heart drop.

“Blaine? Is everything okay?” Blaine looks uncharacteristically put-out, eyes drooping and mouth slanted downward. The pronounced dim in his usual full-body glow has Kurt feeling suddenly, radically off-center, somehow unclean even despite the mingled smells of water and oatmeal soap still sitting in his nostrils.

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I asked Darren to pull a disgusted face while I leaned in as if I was going to kiss him. This was the result.

Afterwards, he said very concerned and serious, “It’s just pretend though. I wouldn’t really do that!”

What a cutie.

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Insouciance [Kurt/Blaine] G


Blaine shouldn’t be surprised that, even after living with Kurt for almost six months, he still manages to zig when Blaine expects him to zag.

A bright little look into Klaine’s future, namely the quirks that make living together exciting and occasionally embarrassing and how Blaine’s reading glasses changed his perspective.

~750 words

Blaine loved living with Kurt. 

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A new an improved video of Chris Colfer’s appearance on The Talk. Sorry about the sync issues with the first one!

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Goofy garden dog.

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